Melbourne Career Counsellor and Coach

Each time I start my year with a big TO-DO list and every year I fail to achieve most of the listed ambitions. How can I get a better result next year?

How about writing a not-to-do list? It might be a lot more relaxing to start the year with some prioritisation. List the 10 things you do not want to do going forward. Here are some ideas :

  • NOT always taking time for others at the expense of time for myself
  • NOT to think about why other people do things more efficiently than me
  • NOT to say yes, when I mean no
  • NOT to worry about things I cannot change, e.g. a budget cut in my department
  • NOT expecting myself to be reasonable all the time
  • NOT to have too high expectations of others’ behaviour towards me
  • NOT to work during my holidays or on Sundays
  • NOT to take small things too seriously – NOT to pick the wrong battles

Image courtesy of Mind Vectors by Vecteezy.