Melbourne Career Counsellor and Coach


Wayne Wang

Senior International Relations Officer, Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement) Monash University

Michael is very supportive, non-judgemental and incredibly professional. When I sought his advice on my career direction he discussed my previous careers with me. He helped me identify my strengths, some of which I had not realised before; I enjoyed the counselling process and today I am more confident than before. I strongly recommend anyone who needs career advice to have a chat with him and I am sure you will get insightful advice from him.

Dolores Srebren

Hospitality Team Leader & Business Student

I had the pleasure to work with Michael last year when I felt stuck in my professional career. Through our reunions, he helped me establish my goals and, more importantly, a plan to achieve them. Not only have I learned about what careers would suit my abilities and interests, but I have also learned so much about myself that I feel I can apply to all aspects of my life. His detailed understanding of how personality types affect our working lives was extremely useful. I am very thankful for his help, guidance, enthusiasm, fabulous knowledge, and overall positive energetic attitude. As well as the content of our work, I have really appreciated his open and supportive career-coaching style.

Dr Amit Tripathi

Consultant Radiologist & Entrepreneur (Melbourne)

Michael is incredibly encouraging. He has helped me to rediscover my interests whilst correlating them with my skills and aspirations. His inputs have guided me to sharpen my interview techniques and strengthen my interpersonal skills which I think will help me to further my professional career.

Roshan Rasin

Engineer, Technical Program Manager, Itron

A few years back, I was offered a major role as a Technical Program Manager at Itron running a multi-million dollar portfolio. This was a major transition from my previous roles, Michael helped me through the transition process on all aspects of the new role. He helped in particular with the management of stress and anxiety. I remember marking small behaviour and habit improvements as suggested each day and how this led to powerful outcomes, making systematic changes both at work and outside of work.

Jonathan Goodwin

Teacher & Musician (Melbourne Primary School)

Michael is an excellent career consultant. He helped get my teaching career back on track when I was at the crossroads of my career. Thank you Michael for your professional guidance.